Wholesale Orders

When ordering wholesale, a minimum opening order of $500 is required, cash terms only.

For orders <$200, please order through Shopee or Lazada. You may use the discount codes on those platforms for very good deals.

Official sole distributor of major car care brands​

Minimum opening order of $500

Cash terms only

Turtle Wax

Award-winning car care brand, launched in 1944 and still delivering innovative detailing & car care products. Made in USA.

Turtle Wax Pro

Premium car wash products for operators committed to offering environmentally friendly chemicals that get the job done. Made in USA.

Rain X

Outsmart the Elements. Hydrophobic surface-applied product that causes water to bead up and run off surfaces. UK made.


Experts in car care and maintenance, Holts is a world-renowned automotive car care brand. Made in UK.​


Redex fuel additives maintain your cars' insides, keeping your fuel injectors clean to improve performance and efficiency.

Black Magic

Black Magic's Tire Wet is the #1 selling tire dressing in the US retail market. Made in USA.​

Mr Clean

Australia and New Zealand household name, the leader in microfibre technology. ​​

Series 500

Premium quality automotive maintenance products - lubricants, rust prevention, belt dressings and more. Made in Australia.

Marvel Mystery

Marvel Mystery Oil helps unleash maximum power and performance while extending engine life.

Auto Expressions

Championing innovation and new fragrance development in auto air freshener.

Slick 50

The inventors of the Engine Treatment. Slick 50’s technology protects vehicles' vital parts from friction & wear.​


Paint and maintenance products specially developed to restore your vehicle to its showroom best with minimal effort.​​​